Control Your Own Loan

LoanKin, Family & Friend Lending, is an online loan servicing platform that allows you to easily create, customize and control your own loans. Whether you are looking to borrow or loan money with your family or friends, LoanKin lets you get started quickly and easily.

Fund Life’s Events

No matter what life brings, you can help your family and friends when they need it most. Whether buying a new home, starting a business, going to college, planning a wedding or transferring your wealth…you now have a better way to finance.

Non-Bank Financing

You can help your family and friends avoid the increasing regulations of traditional financial institutions, high bank fees and tough credit regulations. With all that is going on in the financial industry, your own loan financing may be the only option. Now is the perfect time to start financing your own loans. Further, you always have the flexibility to modify and change your loan the way you want it.

Wealth Transfer

Personal lending also may provide you with the opportunity to transfer wealth while minimizing tax implications. What better way than to give funds to the ones who need your help the most, your family and friends. You will be able to watch your investment in action. If you need to speak with a legal or tax expert and don’t have one of your own, ask us and we can refer you to someone who can answer all of your questions.

Safe & Secure

With LoanKin, your loans and data are safe and secure. Our 23 years of loan management experience with over half of a million customers serviced, assures compliance with the highest privacy standards. We always adhere to the strictest data encryption requirements.